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Role in Story: Second tier character. A resource for some of the main characters, primarily Mohinder, Selo, and Ozzy.

Occupation: Engineer. Rupert is charged with keeping Wotan running, physically. Her responsibilities include all mechanical, electrical, and computer systems, as well as having a hand in atmospheric and hydroponic systems (though both of those have alien engineers in charge of them). She is crazily competent, very much of the Montgomery Scott school.

Physical Description: Rupert is short, barely 5'2", with close cropped red hair (practical, loose hair could get caught in a machine!), and hard features. Her age is indeterminate, she could be in her mid-thirties or well into her fifties. She's dresses in an assortment of jumpsuits possessing dozens of pockets, and wears a different colored garment each day (though with no apparent pattern).

Personality: ISTP. Practical and fact-minded individuals, whose reliability cannot be doubted. Rupert is very much a "jill of all trades," which is exactly what her job demands of her, both in terms of engineering and in dealing with the issues some students sometimes bring to her.

Habits/Mannerisms: Rupert is quiet and easy-going, but generally shy. She is not book smart, in the sense of culture or philosophy, and while she is constantly reading in her spare time, it's all fan fiction based on some notorious telenovella that reads like a Garcia-Marquez story set in a human colony in deep space with alien visitors. She's always working, always dealing with some repair.

Background: Rupert was named for her father (also Rupert) who was the main civil engineer for a mid-sized city in the Mexican state of Yucatan. Growing up she was fascinated with the Chicxulub crater and this translated into an interest in all things out in space. She cannot imagine a better place to be than at Wotan.

Internal Conflicts: She tends to be inflexible. There is a right way and a wrong way to handle any task, and while this kind of "by the book" approach may work well for mechanical engineering problems it is much less useful for problems that fall into social engineering. Rupert knows this about herself, but even so she tends to start from a position of rigid thinking.

External Conflicts: Ozzy tends to depend on her too much, coming to her with problems that really don't fall within her job description because she's so calm and pragmatic and sometimes he needs that anchor. Rupert knows this isn't appropriate, and when she cannot offer useful aid she nonetheless blames herself for

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