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Role in Story: Selo is a second tier characters in this series.

Occupation: Alien Student. Selo is a Glamorkan, a member of an alien saurian race. She's quite young (from the Glamorkan POV) and may come across as immature and idealistic. Consider her a "Mediator" type (INFP) but keep in mind that this may sometimes feel odd or manifest in a wonky way because she is an alien.

Physical Description: Selo stands a bit over five feet in height, but she's three times as thick as a human. Think "big boned" and then double it. Her skin is thick and leathery, not unlike a rhinoceros, but pale gray with occasional swirls of dark blue and violet (these swirls are the Glamorkan version of birthmarks). She is hairless. Like all members of her race, she has a short, broad tail.

Personality: INFP - Poetic, kind and altruistic people, always eager to help a good cause

Habits/Mannerisms: Selo is easily twice the mass of her human peers, and as such she tends to "lumber" about. She's become self-conscious about this, which sometimes leads to comic effect such as her attempting to literally tiptoe.

Background: Like many Glamorkans, Selo's family cluster is involved in architecture. She's at Wotan to acquire insights into humanity, the better to design better structures for us as we move out into the galaxy. Her ultimate goal is to come up with the perfect human prefab that she can then license.

Internal Conflicts: In part because of her personality and in part because of her age (so we can hope she'll grow out of some of this) Selo is too idealistic and this routinely gets in her way. Also, while she's great at the big, artistic concepts, but the nuts and bolts that may be required, are not her strong suit, not by a long shot.

External Conflicts: She likes Mohinder, which shouldn't be surprising, but she's also very reclusive and though she wants to build a closer relationship, she's pretty much incapable of opening up about herself to him or anyone else. All she tends to reveal are superficial details about Glamorkans, which may seem exotic to the humans, but really it's nothing personal and pretty generic, the kind of things that anyone could look up on a wiki under "Glamorkans."

Notes: To be established in Book One: Dorms of Asgard, Selo shares a dormitory with Clare.

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