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Role in Story: On again / off again rival to Venice for Thomas's affections. Her focus at Wotan is psychology, both human and alien. Her ultimate goal is to one day be captain of a starship and to be out there in the wider galaxy. She's innocent, but not naive, and considers herself very fortunate to have gotten in to Wotan. Her motives tend to be pure, and she's generally well liked by everyone she meets and views life with optimism. In Riverdale parlance, she's Betty Cooper.

Occupation: Student. She's fond of Thomas, and sometimes fantasizes of a long term and traditionally domestic relationship with him, complete with 2.5 children, a house in the suburbs, and finding contentment being the perfect wife and mother. But then she remembers that she actually wants to be on the forefront of humanity's move out into the wider galaxy, and how that isn't compatible with becoming a suburban housewife.

Physical Description: Clare is the classic "girl next door," golden hair like wheat and eyes of cornflower blue. She's incredibly fit and toned (a legacy of parents who taught her that daily exercise was a necessity for living in space). She doesn't think of herself as beautiful, and for the most part doesn't concern herself with her appearance (she's not a girly girl), which in its way makes her more attractive because she's so casual about her stunning appearance.

Personality: ENFJ - charismatic and inspiring leaders, able to mesmerize their listeners. Clare is very much a "take charge" kind of girl, which can set her up for failure because others can and will take advantage of her. When this happens, she'll naturally blame herself and often as not her self-esteem will suffer. She's a genuinely fair person, which can make it hard for her to make the tough choices because she doesn't want to pick one side over the other.

Habits/Mannerisms: Clare's a go-getter, eager to volunteer, and her enthusiasm can be both a weakness and a strength. Like Venice, she's very interested in aliens, but her interest is social/cultural, as opposed to sexual (some of Venice's ideas give her the willies!). She's very athletic, and physically as strong if not stronger than any of the other human characters.

Background: Three of Clare's grandparents were Air Force pilots. Her parents were both astronauts, between the two of them they've logged over 700 days on the international space station. It's in her DNA to be out in space.

Internal Conflicts: Sometimes she worries about "measuring up" and "washing out" of the program at Wotan. Her enemies will prey upon these insecurities and moments of self-doubt.

External Conflicts: Clare wants to help people, sincerely believing that "a rising tide lifts all boats" and the moral imperative to aid those who need it. This frequently results in her stretching herself too thin. Who is going to be there to help her when she needs support?

Notes: To be established in Book One: Dorms of Asgard, Clare shares a dormitory with Selo.

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