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Role in Story: Thomas is one of the core characters in this series. He's popular with students, faculty, and staff. Likable and trustworthy.

Occupation: Scholarship Student. Thomas is here at Wotan as a result of a lottery held to ensure that a wide range of humans would be admitted and provide a broader representation to the rest of the galaxy. He's smart, but not a genius by any means. He has to work hard in his classes, which he does, but he's also distracted by the appeal of Venice and Clare. His best friend, Mohinder, tries to help him, but Thomas manages to ignore the sage advice of his asexual friend. In Riverdale parlance, he's Archie.

Physical Description: Thomas is a good guy, an all-american type, athletic without being a muscledbound jock. He's good looking without being pretty. He's the quarterback, the Captain Kirk, the perfect specimen, but doesn't feel he's anything all that special. Some people find that endearing, others find his "aw shucks" view to be annoying as fuck.

Personality: ESFJ - Extraordinarily caring, social and popular people, always eager to help.

Habits/Mannerisms: Thomas is unfalteringly helpful, always giving humans and aliens the benefit of the doubt. He always has a kind word, and goes through life with unflagging optimism. Sure, sometimes things can be tough, but hard work and a good attitude should win out.

Background: Thomas grew up in southern California. His parents were good people, but his father died while he was quite young, and his mother never really recovered emotionally from the loss. She had a difficult time finding steady work, and while Thomas never went hungry or lacked for clothing, there were years where he and his mother lived out of a car. As soon as he was old enough, Thomas started doing odd jobs (some that he was surely too young for, some that an older/wiser person would have realized were a tad shady) so he could provide for his mother.

Internal Conflicts: Being naturally selfless, he's prone to stretch himself too thin. This aligns with Clare's personality, which can be a bad thing when they are both running on empty.

External Conflicts: Because of his natural popularity, people assume he'll be a good leader. But he's not. Thomas lacks the ability to innovate or improvise. His nature is such that he'll try to step up, but then he'll crumble under the weight of criticism when he fails. Fortunately, his friend Mohinder is there to act as his Grand Vizier.

Notes: To be established in Book One: Dorms of Asgard, Thomas shares a dormitory with Mohinder.

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