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Role in Story: Mohinder is one of the core characters in this series. He's Thomas's non-threatening body, the relationship character that acts as a sounding board, the voice of reason, the partner in crime. He thinks his friend is a great guy, but has no desire to emulate him, finding him too reactive and impulsive. Mohinder never goes off half-cocked. He's very much a "measure twice, cut once" guy.

Occupation: Student. His family is blind to his personality and thought it worthwhile to send Mohinder to Wotan and get in on the ground floor of alien diplomacy. This is probably a mistake, as Mohinder shows all the personality signs of being a loner. He’s also quite cynical, preferring ideals to actual human behaviors and motivations as reflected by a strong moral compass. He tends to question everything and generally mistrusts everyone. Staying aloof from the common events that embroil others allows him to see connections they may miss, or at least notice them first. This ability has him frequently being recruited by members of the various Think Tanks at Wotan (both Human and alien), but not surprisingly, Mohinder doesn't trust them either. He just wants to go to classes, studying widely, as if seeking some universal truth that he can believe in.

His closest connection on Wotan is Thomas, and he's the only person Mohinder would call a friend (probably because Thomas is so genuine). This relationship allows Mohinder someone to open up to, to share with, which is vital especially when he's onto some pattern that he alone has seen and needs someone to share with if only to have a sounding board to gain clarity. He often also seeks out Rupert and the two of them are comfortable just quietly enjoying one another's company.

Physical Description: Mohinder has a swarthy complexion and curly black hair. His eyes are a dark green. He's lean, just short of gangly. He's usually soft spoken and easily ignored in a crowd or at a party. Some of his Human classmates find him standoffish, but that's more his introversion than any dislike of people. Most aliens find him respectful.

Personality: INTJ - classic "Architect" personality, an imaginative and strategic thinker with a plan for everything. Which is another way of saying he's the one who comes up with the means/schemes that will get our core group in trouble, often as not.

Habits/Mannerisms: Mohinder is asexual. He has no interest in hooking up with anyone. Period. Rumors that he and Rupert are engaged in a sexual relationship are utterly false (though they do persist).

Background: Mohinder Chopra comes from a wealthy family and is the younger son of the president of a Canadian oil company. His elder brother will inherit their father's spot, but that's just as well. He's ill-suited to corporate work, preferring more creative pursuits and a less rigid schedule. Half of his classes are independent studies, allowing him to keep irregular hours that suit him better.

Internal Conflicts: He knows he's smarter than most of the people around him, and all too often this manifests in arrogance, but he's working on it.

External Conflicts: Mohinder has a fascination with alien POVs, but is also fearful of them because he cannot always understand the thought process behind them. His tendency to be judgmental keeps leading him to make assessments of aliens before he has enough information, but then he wonders if he can ever have enough information.

Notes: To be established in Book One: Dorms of Asgard, Mohinder shares a dormitory with Thomas.

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