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Role in Story: Foil to many of the core students exploits/plans. Safe harbor (in theory) when things go pear-shaped.

Occupation: Dean of Human Students, father to Venice.

Physical Description:

Personality: ESTJ - Ozzy is an excellent organizer. He's dedicated to whatever he's working on, and at present that's ensuring that this university serves its mission of opening a door to the wider galaxy for humanity. His need to see things through to completion can sometimes blind him to pragmatic considerations that would cause other people to step back and reconsider. He doesn't abandon a task if it gets difficult or boring, but rather will double down so long as the project is still the right thing to do. He's incredibly strong-willed, and will defend his ideals and ideas relentlessly, but if you can demonstrate clearly that he's wrong he can be swayed, but otherwise, he's not going to budge. He is direct and honest, loyal and patient. IN D&D parlance, he's Lawful Good. At the same time, these qualities make him rigid and inflexible. Everything is opinion until proven, and he rarely opens himself to others' opinions easily. Another aspect of this is his dislike of the unknown or unconventional; if he doesn't have experience of a thing then his certainty abandons him. This makes him a traditionalist. What's worked in the past will work now. His strong convictions tend to make him judgmental, which can blind him to perfectly viable alternatives. This can be played as a "running gag" as the core band of students solve problems in unique ways but with unquestionable results, forcing Ozzy to accept their methods though he never imagined they'd worked. But until such successes, depend on him to disapprove and work against novel or creative solutions that fly in the face of tradition. Ozzy rarely relaxes. He feels very strongly that he must lead by example, and believes in respect for the position of others and the social order. And he generates respect from those around him. He's always dignified and virtually unflappable.

Habits/Mannerisms: Ozzy has a portrait of Abraham Lincoln in his office. Lincoln is his many times great grandfather, and Ozzy has always felt a connection to the former president. When alone, he will often talk through issues aloud, as if he were conversing with the portrait.

Background: Ozzy comes from a wealthy family. He's served in politics, been a corporate CEO, and a philanthropist. He has always struggled to find his place in life, always seeking greater challenges and feeling that he could do so much more. He is the epitome of the Archimedes quote about a lever and a place to stand. Ozzy has found both at the university. Here he can help shape the future of humanity as we step out into the galaxy.

Internal Conflicts:

External Conflicts:

Notes: Ozymandias "Ozzy" Lincoln

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