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Role in Story: Secondary tier character. A source of confusion and misunderstandings.

Occupation: Professor of Ethics. Thomas is her favorite student, but she is distressed that he and Mohinder are such good friends despite apparently different ethical stances.

Physical Description: Taben is an Arcon, tall and willowy with milk white skin and long, straight, blue-black hair. Like all Arconi, she can instantly tell if she is being lied to.

Personality: ISTJ - Practical and fact-minded individuals, whose reliability cannot be doubted. Taben sees the universe as black and white. She doesn't care if you agree with her, but you'd damn well better commit to your beliefs.

Habits/Mannerisms: She is extremely quiet in both voice and movement. Everything she does is deliberate and never spontaneous. She does not engage in extreme emotions of any kind. Her focus is profound and she gives a task her entire concentration.

Background: Taben is a rarity among her people, an Arcon who has traveled widely among other races of the galaxy. As such, she has been exposed to many people whom she considered psychotic (based on the many falsehoods and contradictions that are a daily part of their lives). She has learned to tolerate perspectives that seem flat out wrong to her, so long as their adherents buy into them without reservation. She is a known associate of several prophets and other religious zealots, political insurgents, and radical entrepreneurs.

Internal Conflicts: Taben is frequently insensitive to others' emotional turmoil. Relationships puzzle her. When things in her life go awry, she takes responsibility (whether appropriate or not) and always balmes herself.

External Conflicts: She does not suffer the weak-minded, and as a result she can be very hard and judgmental with her students.

Notes: She is fascinated with Ken, and the two have a very odd mutual attraction.

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