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Role in Story: Secondary tier character. A source of irritation and conflict.

Occupation: Professor of Sociology, which manifests as an ongoing seminar in "bargaining."

Physical Description: Ken (not his real name) is a Pelk, a meter tall alien with two eyes set wide apart on a dusky green, hairless head lacking nose or nostrils or lips (but with a lipless mouth) and a pair of upward projecting tusks that gleam. Pelks have six-limbs and are usually bipedal. Upon reaching their majority, a small percentage of Pelk undergo a ritual which results in them striking a deal with their gods, receiving a "boon" in exchange for making some sacrifice. It is unknown what Ken gave up (perhaps his name?) or gained, nor why he was hired on at Wotan.

Personality: ENFP - Enthusiastic, creative and sociable free spirits, who can always find a reason to smile. Ken likes humans. He's especially fond of Venice and has had a dalliance with her because she, more than the other humans, seems to have an innate appreciation for social bargaining. He also has his sights set on Clare but that's never going to happen.

Habits/Mannerisms: He's easy going and happy-go-lucky, a friend to faculty and staff and students, and has been known to often "buy a round" for which ever group he finds handy. He's an expert at the "cold read" and makes it his personal mission to be liked by everyone he meets.

Background: Ken comes from a long line of salesbeings. Over the last five generations his forebears have sold quite literary everything, from entire planets to the unborn children of confused customers. Ken is a master of the art of the deal, but is more interested in the theoretical aspect of it than the commercial. As such, he was a disgrace to his family and disowned. His position at Wotan allows him to excel and be appreciated.

Internal Conflicts: Ken gets distracted easily, and often becomes stressed. He's frequently seeking out help for his anxieties from Malsh.

External Conflicts: His fascination with Clare often leads to inappropriate daydreaming and planning out schemes that would result in her agreeing to a tryst. Ken knows he will never actually implement any of these schemes but he keeps inventing them. He's confessed this to Malsh who though understanding finds it all rather creepy.

Notes: Ken often finds himself oddly drawn to Taben who, in many way, is his exact opposite.

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