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Role in Story: Second tier character. Malsh is the Medical Director for Wotan.

Occupation: Physician.

Physical Description: Malsh is a Yigini, which is to say it resembles a two-meter haystack.

Personality: ESTP - Smart, energetic and very perceptive people, who truly enjoy living on the edge.

Habits/Mannerisms: Malsh is intensely curious about humanoid life (which includes most other alien races, not just humanity).

Background: The Yigini are mostly a very private race and don't tend to venture out among other sapient life forms. Malsh is an extreme outlier in this regard. It has allowed its fascination with other kinds of life to drive its vocational interests, having become a cross-species physician as an excuse to explore the diversity of intelligent life in the galaxy. It is particularly fascinated by Venice and her father, Ozzy, trying to understand how their biological connection drives their differences and similarities, which in turn leads it to some mildly disturbing interactions with them, moreso than with the other humans under its care.

Internal Conflicts: Malsh can be very impatient, and allow its fascination with non-Yigini the biology to get in the way of addressing his patient's complaints. This sometimes results in it spending more time on researching the patient than treating the patient.

External Conflicts: Malsh sees great promise in humans, and is biased in their favor, which sometimes affects its professional decisions. It can fail to see the larger picture, let alone its role in that picture.

Notes: Malsh was first seen in the Amazing Conroy novella Trial of the Century. It knows and likes Conroy.

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