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Role in Story: Secondary tier character. A source of inspiration and empathy.

Occupation: Professor of Galactic Art. Selo is her favorite student because the young Glamorkan is exploding with the realization that art can exist without functionality.

Physical Description: Chelsea is a human woman in her mid forties. She has a "Rubenesque" figure, waist-length, naturally curly blonde hair, rosy cheeks, and an expressive face with well-established laugh lines.

Personality: ESFP - Spontaneous, energetic and enthusiastic people – life is never boring around them. Chelsea is a sensualist, believing all of the galaxy exists to be experienced, and that art is our expression of that experience.

Habits/Mannerisms: Being very empathic, Chelsea is quick to set people at ease and make friends. She is incredibly popular with Wotan's students, despite her classes being very tough. She has tremendous charisma. She has a weakness for high quality chocolate.

Background: Chelsea comes from a long line of hedonists and artists. She has had several successful careers and been penniless several times, and neither has had a huge impact on her because of her tendency to "live in the moment." There is some speculation that she and Ozzy had a romantic relationship decades ago (well before he met Venice's mother) and that's how Chelsea ended up at Wotan, though it's much more likely that she got there on merit. Chelsea is the most traveled of the human faculty, having visited and studied art on seven alien worlds. In her youth she briefly fell in with Fiona Katherine St Vincent Wyndmoor (great aunt to the Amazing Conroy).

Internal Conflicts: She is very conflict-averse, and will often take a lesser path rather than engage in confrontation, even when the result is detrimental. She knows this about herself, but to little help. Her foes have used this weakness to manipulate her.

External Conflicts: Chelsea craves constant stimulation, which is a fancy way of saying she gets bored easily. She doesn't mean to be rude, but she'll walk away from uninteresting or stodgy people without regret or concern. This has caused her problems at faculty meeting and when dealing with corporate types.

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