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Created in 2095 by an unprecedented consortium of Clarkesons and constructed by a Glamorkan architectural firm, Wotan is the name of both the massive complex that is the only structure on Jupiter's moon Callisto, and the name of the university that occupies the majority of that complex. Wotan is also the name assigned to the moon itself under the perverse naming system used by the Clarkeson consortium. It's close enough to Earth for reasonably quick transfer back and forth (using alien ships) but far enough away as not to bother anyone.

The primary purpose of the university is to train Humans in the ways of the other races inhabiting our corner of the galaxy.

Secondary purposes include:

Alien exchange program - The university would have difficulty achieving its mission if the only students were Human. Plenty of aliens are enrolled as well, to better educate themselves on how to interact with Humans and provide useful resources for their respective worlds when they graduate.

Think Tanks (both Terran and alien) - groups of brilliant individuals dedicated to the particulars of politics and commerce in the galaxy. Some Think Tank staff also serve as adjunct faculty

Embassy Row - As Earth is still a long way from anything like a planetary government, most alien races find it politically simpler to maintain their "permanent" diplomatic presence on the neutral territory of Callisto.This also provides opportunities for student internship at various alien embassies as well as adjunct faculty from the resident diplomats.

Jovian Research Station - Human scientists studying Jupiter and its other moons rent space in Wotan as a base of operations. The Clarkesons actually constructed two distinct facilities and named them Huginn and Muninn (yet another example of the Nomenclature they employ). No money changes hands, and instead as part of their posting to the research station it’s scientists provide guest colloquia to the university.

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