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Role in Story: Daughter of the Dean of Human Students, Venice is one of the core characters in this series. She's had a series of relationships with boys and men, including men considerably older than her, and she's jaded. She's judged them harshly, concluding that everyone just wanted to use her in some way, either as a trophy, or for access to her status, or her family's money. In Riverdale parlance, she's Veronica Lodge.

Occupation: Student. She's also smitten with Thomas, and confused by this, because he doesn't seem to care about her wealth or status, treating her purely based on who she is inside, much like he treats Clare, which irritates Venice no end.

Physical Description: Beautiful, raven haired, porcelain skin, lush lips, a model's body. She's gorgeous and she knows it.

Personality: ENTP. Venice is knowledgeable, a quick thinker, and happy to forego tradition if it gets in her way. She's charismatic, but doesn't have the people skills for long term leadership (though she's great in a pinch). She's eloquent and charming. High energy. She can dazzle. That said, she can be incredibly insensitive to other people's needs, and very impatient/intolerant with them. She gets bored quickly, preferring to move on to the next challenge rather than nail down all the practical details of the current one.

Habits/Mannerisms: Because she gets bored easily, she's constantly trying new things, and a university in space affords plenty of them, though many of them are (theoretically) off limits. She's decided that sexual relationships with aliens doesn't really count as sex (a definition her father would surely not agree with), and she's constantly flirting with her fellow classmates (at least the alien ones), sometimes because she's really curious about having a liaison, and sometimes just to make Tommy jealous (which can backfire when he doesn't notice).

Background: She's a child of privilege who has always known the best of all things.

Internal Conflicts:

External Conflicts:

Notes: To be established in Book One: Dorms of Asgard, Venice does not have a roommate and thus has a dormitory to herself. But this allows her father to saddle her with visiting students with little notice.

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