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Role in Story: Secondary tier character. Philosophical and often abstract.

Occupation: Professor of Comparative Religion. Salati is an ordained Bider in the Path of Purpose, religious view that originated with Taurians but one that embraces believers regardless of race. He excels at giving his students headaches by presenting mutually incompatible religious doctrines and asking for resolutions. In particular, he likes to call on Thomas in the classroom, often leaving the human student utterly dumbfounded.

Physical Description: Salati Ralv is a Taurian, one of the more commonly encountered aliens in Human Space. He presents as a very athletic human male with the head of bull. The tips of his horns are capped with gold.

Personality: ISFP - Flexible and charming artists, always ready to explore and experience something new. Salati Ralv is quite charismatic and always willing to engage in philosophical debate, no matter how wild the initial premise, and will hold forth at a moment's notice with passion and verve. He is quite popular with students outside of his classroom (where they are less accountable).

Habits/Mannerisms: He's very imaginative, endlessly curious, and often resistant to the faculty code of conduct what he perceives as an attempt to restrict his free will.

Background: Taurians do not receive names until they have distinguished themselves in some way, and Salati Ralv is a "named" Taurian twice over. He first came to prominence for taking first place in a year long, planet wide oratory competition. He is the middle child of five. His father is a popular chef back home and dotes of Salati, often sending his son delicious care packages to show his pride.

Internal Conflicts: Salati Ralv is deeply disturbed that most of his human students demonstrate little adherence to any organized religion, nor seem to feel the lack of one. While he does see that they have a loosely defined moral code, few have ever considered their reason for existing and this troubles him greatly. He's not looking to convert anyone, but he desperately hopes they will engage in moral development of some kind.

External Conflicts: He is often at loggerheads with other faculty and administrators, being both fiercely independent and all too often unpredictable. He has been known to tell students to ignore their other coursework, that only his lectures and projects and exams have any real value or bearing.

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