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Salati Ralv





Quick Personality Breakdown of Students, Faculty and Staff

INTJ (“Architect”) - Mohinder

INTP (“Logician”) -

ENTJ (“Commander”) -

ENTP (“Debater”) - Venice

INFJ (“Advocate”) - Bal

INFP (“Mediator”) - Selo

ENFJ (“Protagonist”) - Clare

ENFP (“Campaigner”) - Ken

ISTJ (“Logistician”) - Taben

ISFJ (“Defender”) -

ESTJ (“Executive”) - Ozzy

ESFJ (“Consul”) - Thomas

ISTP (“Virtuoso”) - Rupert

ISFP (“Adventurer”) - Salati Ralv

ESTP (“Entrepreneur”) - Malsh

ESFP (“Entertainer”) - Chelsea


Archie - (ESFJ) Also known as “The Consul”, people characterized by the ESFJ personality type are most likely to believe that their actions will have a positive impact on others’ lives. ESFJs are extroverted and popular – they are the cheerleaders and quarterbacks, the people that take the spotlight and lead their teams forward.

Archie tends to act impulsively and trust his emotions over logic which explains a great portion of some of his more questionable decisions on the show (like dating Miss Grundy). At the same time, because of the Sensing aspect of his personality, he cares a great deal about his friends which makes him a likable character even when he screws up.

Betty - (ENFJ) Betty is the classic case of “the Protagonist” – an extrovert, led by her feelings and judgment, gifted with a great deal of intuition. Betty actually shares the same personality type as Daenerys from Game of Thrones – she’s determined, goal-oriented and not afraid to get her hands dirty.

Betty, however, also has a turbulent element to her personality, so her MBTI type would be best described as ENFJ-T (which is a subcategory of the ENFJ). Remember her Bad Betty moments? The turbulent aspect of her personality explains many of her weird personality shifts.

Veronica - (ENTP) Unlike Betty, Veronica keeps a cool head when things get dangerous – this comes from the Thinking and Perception aspects of her personality. However, this also come with a tendency to emotionally alienate herself from others.

Veronica is an extrovert who enjoys arguing and debating more than anything else (hence, the other name of her personality type – “the Debater”). She moves from New York to Riverdale and adapts to her new environment rapidly. She is quick to figure out what needs to be done in every situation, thanks to the Thinking aspect of her MBTI type, and willing to do whatever is necessary to reach her goals.

Interestingly enough, Veronica and her mother, Hermione, share the same personality type. But unlike her mother, Veronica has a strong sense of what’s right and wrong. Different life experiences and the generational gap between the two are likely at fault for the differences.

Jughead - (INTJ) Perhaps one of the few truly introverted characters of the show, Jughead is the classic interpretation of “the Architect” personality type. He’s a cynic loner who keeps to himself but has a strong moral compass. The Thinking and Judging component of his personality type make him question everything and mistrust everyone. At the same time, however, he is intuitive and has a knack for lost causes. He makes connections and sees possibilities, and is often amongst the first on the show to come up with a new theory (think, the murder of Jason Blossom).

You won’t be surprised to hear that INTJs are rarely found in structured, corporate environments – they prefer creative jobs that allow them to work on their own schedule. These lone wolves also often become writers.

Cheryl Blossom - (ENTJ) Cheryl Blossom is “the Commander” – you definitely see her in this role, don’t you? She likes to lead but unlike Betty or Veronica, she does so through intimidation, using fear to gather followers rather than resorting to Betty’s empathy or Veronica’s foresight.

Cheryl likes to be in charge of her environment, whether it’s by becoming the captain of the River Vixens or by coming up with intricate plots against her enemies. The intuitive, thinking and judging aspects of her personality help her make decisions and take actions quickly, even though she might sometimes jump to conclusions (like when she decided Polly killed Jason, she spread the news like wildfire).

Kevin Keller - (ESTP) ESPTs are also known as “the Entrepreneurs” – as, or even more popular than the Consuls, the ESPTs are social butterflies that are always present where the action is happening. Kevin steers clear from fights – you won’t see him get his hands dirty – but somehow, he’s always there to capture the moment. He likes to keep his friends close but he enjoys jumping from one person to the next in search of the next big story. At the same time, however, he is loyal to Betty and her friends, and is amongst the most likable characters on Riverdale.

Josie McCoy - (ESTJ) Josie is the lead singer of the music group she formed called Josie and the Pussycats. Josie is strong willed with a drive to climb the ladder to success. She is a type “A” character who has a clear sense of what she wants to do and how to achieve it. Like most ESTJs, Josie is organized and serious and is comfortable with taking the lead and directing people. She is also focused on creating a brand and image for her group and wants to protect the integrity of their identity as people of color. For this reason, she initially rejects Archie’s offer to write songs for the Pussycats due to her rather prejudiced view of his capability as a non-black person.

Alice Cooper - (ISTJ) Betty’s mother, Alice, is certainly an intriguing case. Alice is what happens when someone with extroverted traits turns out to be an introvert and finds a cause that ignites the first spark of their anger.

Betty’s mother is her polar opposite. She has a strong sense of moral duty and civic order, which explain why she’s so adamant about protecting her daughters from… well, pretty much anything and anyone. As “the logistician”, Alice is focused and results-driven: she can become single-minded and her passion may turn into obsession when it comes to achieving her goals. She also likes scheming – remember when she invited FP and Jughead over for dinner so she can send Veronica and Archie over to FP’s trailer for evidence?

Unlike Betty, Alice is anything but intuitive, especially when it comes to her daughter’s needs. She is judgemental and quick to jump to conclusions, often neglecting the emotional aspect of the situation. The result? A real wildfire.